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Multi-head Filling & Packaging Machine for Foodstuffs

Multi-head Filling & Packaging Machine

Multi-head Filling & Packaging System for Foodstuffs,  

Products: Sugar, nuts, rice, granules…, potato chips, small plastic parts, tea, frozen foods, … etc.

Manufactured by SAB F.P.M Filling & Packaging Machines ., in cooperation with Schneider Electric France, and Festo, Germany.

Machine Overview:

  • This machine is dedicated to fill and pack regular & irregular shaped products (rice, cereals, nuts, snacks, granules, … etc.), in Pillow type pouches. Other pouch types/ dimensions are available upon special request.
  • The machine was designed after thorough studies made by a team of technical specialists to ensure all the measures required for the safety and protection of operation and personnel.
  • Machine design facilitates maintenance and service. Operation does not need special know-how.
  • Machine undergoes actual quality tests on buyer’s products before delivery.
  • Clients’ feedbacks were taken into consideration so the machine became highly versatile in meeting clients’ requirements and enjoy higher quality and performance.
  • All machine parts are fabricated on programmable CNC machining centers, and undergoes quality control tests which gives them high reliability.

Machine Operation Principle:

Product is fed to machine via a feeding elevator (optional) which delivers product into machine tank where the multi-head (combination system) weighs the product and sends it to packaging station where the pouch is automatically shaped, sealed and marked with production & expiry dates. Finally a finished pouch is produced and sent out of machine, ready for sale (with an option to print out production and expiry date).

Machine specifications:

Weighing Section Specifications:

  • Electronic weighing system With 10 weighing heads to get high weighing accuracy.
  • 10 weighing hoppers.
  • Integrated product feeder with adjustable gates.
    • Load cell holder with vibration-proof set.
    • with an industrial PC incorporating  7″ touch panel in both English & Arabic to control weighing functions.
    • Water and dust proof according to IP-65.
    • Scales protection system against excess weight and shocks.
    • Special pneumatic system for product discharge.
    • Maximum filling weight: 1000 grams.
    • Minimum filling weight: 20 grams.
  • Can save up to 250 programs.
  • With a special platform to connect between filling machine and packaging machine with a ladder.

Bag making Section Specifications:

  • Pouch dimensions:
    • Width: 10-22  cm.
    • Length: 10-34 cm.
  • Pouch shape: Pillow type pouch (4-side sealed, or block bottom gusset pouch are available upon special request).

Production speed:

Machine productivity is 50 packages per minute approx.

Usable Packaging film:

Usable Packaging film: All standard heat sealable films except for pure polyethylene.

Videos of Machine 


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