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Volumetric Filling & Packaging Machine for Foodstuffs

Volumetric Filling & Packaging Machine

Volumetric Filling & Packaging Machine for Foodstuffs,

Products: Sugar, nuts, rice, granules…, etc. in Big Bag up to 5KG

Manufactured by SAB F.P.M,

Machine Overview:

  • This machine is dedicated to fill and pack dry regular shaped products (rice, cereals, nuts, snacks, granules, … etc.), in Pillow type pouches. Other pouch types/ dimensions are available upon special request.
  • The machine was designed after thorough studies made by a team of technical specialists to ensure all the measures required for the safety and protection of operation and personnel.
  • Machine design facilitates maintenance and service. Operation does not need special know-how.
  • Machine undergoes actual quality tests on buyer’s products before delivery.
  • Clients’ feedbacks were taken into consideration so the machine became highly versatile in meeting clients’ requirements and enjoy higher quality and performance.
  • All machine parts are fabricated on programmable CNC machining centers, and undergoes quality control tests which gives them high reliability.

Machine Operation Principle:

Product is fed to machine via a feeding elevator (optional) which delivers product into machine tank where the volumetric (telescopic cups with gates) system fills the relevant product volume that corresponds to the required weight and sends it to packaging station where the pouch is automatically shaped, sealed and marked with production & expiry dates. Finally a finished pouch is produced and sent out of machine, ready for sale (with an option to print out production and expiry date).

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