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Multi-head Filling & Packaging Machine

Multi-head Filling & Packaging System 

Multi-head Filling & Packaging System

Electronic Weighing & Filling System 


SAB fpm has been building VFFS machines for more than two decades.

This machine was developed as a result of decades of experience and accumulated know-how, with the motive of supplying a perfect product for our customers in different industrial sectors.


  • Extremely flexible on different package sizes and styles.
  • Top performance and reliability.
  • Ease of operation, quick change over and simple setup.
  • Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Wide package size range.
  • High weighing accuracy, leading to economization.


To fill and pack regular & irregular products (macaroni, potato chips, grains, nuts,  frozen fruit & vegetables, tea). Filling is done by weighing system, in Pillow type pouches. Different pouch types/ dimensions are available upon special request.


Weighing-Filling Technical Specifications:

  • Electronic weighing control system to get high weighing accuracy, featuring 10.5″ touch screen, in English and Arabic languages.
  • 20 weighing heads.
  • Industrial PC with control panel.
  • Full view of all operations that are done within weighing process.
  • Control of filling quantity.
  • Control of product flow per minute.
  • Max filling weight: 100 grams.
  • Min filling weight: 15 grams.
  • Special platform to connect filling station with packaging station, with ladder.

Packaging Station Specifications:

General Specifications of pouch:

  •   Pouch dimensions:
    • Width: 10-22  cm.
    • Length: 10-34 cm.
  • Pouch shape: 3-side sealed Pillow type pouch (4-side sealed, or block bottom gusset pouch are available upon special request).

Pouch shaping mechanism:

  • Pneumatic reciprocating horizontal sealing system, with time, pressure, and speed control to get the best sealing result.
  • Automatic film feeding system, with special guides determining film web track until it reaches forming tube to ensure a stable film web movement.
  • Film is pulled via two endless belts, with electronic speed control to get the required smooth movement of film web with pressure adjustment, according to pouch size and film thickness.
  • All-in-one design of shaping set to facilitate exchange, adjustment, and cleaning.
  • One shaping tube, designed according to the recommended film width.
  • Package length is controlled via several methods such as:
  • A photocell, to control pouch length and print mark (cut point), which detects all colors with teach-in system .
  • Encoder to control the required pouch length and to synchronize machine operation.


– Full PLC control.

– Control panel contains:

  • * 5.7″ Colored LCD touch screen, by Schneider Electric, France, with Arabic & English operating programs through which all machine operations are controlled, adjusted, and monitored. All machine operations are controlled, adjusted, and monitored through the touch screen, which can save up to 250 programs.
  • Three protection levels with passwords.

Electric Panel:

  • Electric wirings are done according to active EU safety standards (CE).
  • All electric components are protected via electro- magnetic thermal switches against short circuit and overload.
  • All electric motors are protected via motor protection switches against overload.
  • Full isolation system, supplying machine with power via electric isolation transformers (for inverters, heat and control).
  • All electric wiring cables are marked and incorporated in one housing. A detailed electric diagram is supplied with the machine.

Production speed:

  • Machine approximate productivity is: 120 bags per minute.


– All parts in contact with product are made in food-grade stainless steel (304).

– Machine frame painted in thermal coating.

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