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Dates Processing Line


Dates Processing Line Manufactured by SAB FPM, in cooperation with Schneider Electric France, and Festo, Germany.

This line is designed to achieve continuous operation. Throughout all consecutive stations, you can get the required results according to what method you conduct in processing and packing of dates. You can control all line stations (independent control of each station, control of how dates are washed or  moistened, and control of dryness or softness of dates).

Technical Specifications:
Dates processing consists of five consecutive stages, so the date fruit would move from one stage to another smoothly, preserving quality and avoiding any damages.

  • Stage No. One:  Feeding conveyor

The conveyor feeds the dates regularly are moved into next stage, avoiding the agglomeration of dates. This stage helps to remove some of the impurities and regulate the feed of dates so they arrive in all stations at the same ratio.

  • Stage No. Two:  Vibrator

In this stage dates are exposed to vibration to get rid of impurities, sticks, dirt, seeds that are not stocked onto dates.

  • Stage No. Three:  manual grading and cleaning

Which is an important stage enables the manufacturer to grade the dates manually using the worker’s  unaided eye, achieving highest product quality, where the worker removes the unwanted low quality dates. The continuous movement of dates, the worker can grade a good quantity daily. The unwanted dates are gathered in special baskets, while the good quality dates moves on to next stage.
To ensure the correct grading of dates throughout day and night, the line is provided with lighting along all its stages.

  • Stage No. Four:  Washing and preliminary drying:

The purpose of this stage is to put dates under strong or light water splash to get rid of dirt stock to date, or dampening  dates to soften them, and then putting them under continuous air stream to remove water on the surface of the date and preparing it to the final stage.

  • Stage No. Five:  Final drying (Heating)

In this stage dates go under hot air streams for quite long distance, which increase temperature and softness of date, or remove most of the moisture gained during washing. This is particularly useful to press-pack dates by thermoforming.

When dates get out of heating conveyor, the preparing and cleaning process is done, and thus we get graded, clean, and dry dates, ready for any other process.

General Specifications of line:

  • All line parts are made of stainless steel, except the parts that cannot be made of stainless steel (electric components, motors, bearings, etc.).
  • All line operations are controlled through a central isolated electric panel, with On/Off switches, speed controls for each conveyor separately, control of heating conveyor’s temperature, in addition to control air turbines power.
  • All electric parts are supplied by Schneider Electric France.
  • All motors are EU made.

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