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Vertical-Form-Fill-Seal Machines for Foodstuffs

Vertical-Form-Fill-Seal Machines 

Vertical-Form-Fill-Seal Machines


SAB F.P.M  manufactures  VFFS machines for more than two decades.

This machine was developed as a result of decades of experience & accumulated know-how,

with the motive of supplying a perfect product for our customers in different industrial sectors.


  • Extremely flexible on different package sizes and styles.
  • Top performance and reliability.
  • Ease of operation, quick change over and simple setup.
  • Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Wide package size range.


  • Heavy duty construction, light and compact frame, made in fabricated steel, painted white.
  • Parts which contact the product are made in AISI 304 Stainless steel (optional 316).
  • Cross sealing jaws movement is controlled by a pneumatic system (servo system available upon request).
  • Pre-setting of the jaws allows maximum speed.
  • Self-centering, film-pulling belts with independent motorization driven by an inverter (servo system available upon request).
  • Automatic film reel holder with reel run-out detection system, on adjustable trolley.
  • Simple manual film splicing system.
  • Electric and mechanical compartments doors mounted on hinges for maximum access to the inside of the machine.
  • Non-proprietary, modular components.
  • HMI with LCD color touch-screen with adjustable position (multiple languages available upon request).
  • Digital  PID temperature control integrated in the HMI.
  • Print mark registration photocell with automatic teach function.
  • Operation programs memorization (up to 250 programs).
  • Operation power: electric & pneumatic.
  • All electric components by Schneider Electric.
  • All pneumatic components by FESTO.
  • Components conform to EEC standards

Production speed and filling volume:

Production speed (pouch per minute) Pouch length range (mm) Pouch width range (mm) Model
60 80-300 50-200


100-500 80-300


  1. Printing unit,
  2. devices for production of different bag styles 1- square bottom 2-gussets forming devices ,
  3. sealing system for Polyethylene,
  4. gas injection device (MAP),
  5. handle forming device,
  6. automatic film centering system, special sealing bars.


– Inclined models for fragile products.

–  Full stainless steel construction.

– Packaging with vacuum for granular products.

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