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Automatic Small Parts Counting And Packaging Machine

Counting And Packaging Machine

Automatic Counting, Filling and Packaging machine for small items (such as rubber, plastic, and metal parts).

Manufactured by SِAB F.P.M in cooperation with Schneider Electric, France, and Festo, Germany.

This machine is dedicated for counting, filling and packaging of small items (Such as:  nails, nuts, screws, plastic spoons, wall plugs (fixings), washers, small spare parts, small hardware, small electronic components, and all small items), in pillow-shaped, 3-side sealed bags.

Technical specifications:

Product feeding system:

  • 50-liter capacity stainless steel tank to stock the products.
  • Vibrator, to facilitate product moving from the tank to the feeding tray.
  • Tray to feed the products up to conveyor, with automatic counting system.
  • Guides with special brushes to insure the product positioning inside the tray.
  • Motor with invertor to control tray rotation with group of sensors to adjust the required number.

Bag Forming System:

Bag dimensions:

  • Width: 5-22 cm
  • Length: 6-34 cm
  • Bag type: pillow-shaped bag with three-side sealing.

Bag Forming System:

– Pneumatic reciprocating horizontal sealing system, with possibility to control time, pressure, and speed to get the best result.

– Automatic film feeding system, with integrated unit, on moving axis, facilitating film roll adjustments.

– Moving axes along the film path, from the film roll up until the forming tube, to maintain film movement stability.

– Easy to use, flexible mechanical adjusting system for cutting and print mark.

– Mechanical adjusting system for printing position on film.

– Pneumatic film roll holding system for stability and ease of change.

– Lateral guides to pull packaging film (Italian or German made), with electronic speed control to get the ideal smooth film path, with pressure control, according to bag size and film thickness.

– bag forming set, designed in one single block to facilitate exchange, adjustment, and cleaning.

– One forming tube, designed according to the recommended film width.

–  Electronic control of package length:

* A- photo-cell to control bag length and the print mark (Color photocell  with self tech-in system) by Schneider Electric, France.

* Encoder to control the required pouch length by Schneider Electric SA (France).

– Can set number of items inside single bag, with no limits, as long as it is suitable for bag size.

– Can add other item size, as long as they are in the same design.

– Special pillow to empty air from bag.


-Full PLC control, by Schneider Electric, France.

– Peripheral control panel incorporating:

1)   5.7″ Schneider Electric touch screen, with English & Arabic operation program (other languages available on request), through which all machine operation and calibrations are done.

2) Dominating and monitoring all machine operation and adjustments.

3) PID Temperature controller for longitudinal, & traversal (Forward  +Backward) seals.

4) Internal counters for production quantity, set required count, and auto stop.

5) Control of all additional accessories (items feeding system).

6) Error messages with explanation of error cause and how to remedy.

7) Main control switches for power and emergency stop.

*  All electric components are Schneider Electric SA (France).

* Pneumatic system (cylinders, valves, and fittings, for longitudinal and traversal sealing) are by FESTO, Germany.

Electric Panel:

  • Electric wirings are done according to active EU safety standards (CE).
  • All electric parts are protected via magnetic, heat, and electric protection, against short circuit and overload.
  • All electric motors are protected via motor protection switches against overload.
  • Full isolation system, supplying machine with power via electric isolation transformers (for inverters, heat and control).
  • All electric wiring cables are marked and incorporated in one housing. A detailed electric diagram is supplied with the machine.

Machine production Capacity:

  • Machine speed: 8 bags/min, approximately.
  • Machine speed depends on:
  • Type of packaging film utilized.
  • Type of the items and its composition.
  • Quantity of items inside each bag.

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