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Semi automatic sealing & shrinking machine

Semi automatic sealing & shrinking machine

Semi automatic sealing & shrinking machine, 

according to the following specifications:

Pack Outer specifications:

  • Shrink packaging with two holes on the sides of the pack.
  • Possibility of packing products without a carton tray if the product can be stable on the conveyor.

Packaging film specifications:
The machine utilizes two rolls of heat sealed polyethylene (upper and lower).

Production capacity:
Production capacity is approximately 200 packs per hour.

Packing mechanism:
In-feed, food grade stainless steel conveying table leading to prepare product with adjustable speed and time.

Cutting & sealing mechanism consists of :

  • Pneumatic mechanism to move cutting & sealing unit with speed and time control.
  • Heated blade for cutting & sealing with digital electronic temperature controller
  • Timer control for cutting & sealing time.
  • Equipped with a shrink tunnel with the following specifications:
  • Tunnel inlet dimensions (height x width x length): 40 x 60 x 125 cm.
  • Continuous circulation of hot air inside the tunnel via a 3 HP air turbo fan, which ensures hot air uniformity within the tunnel.


  • Full PLC control by Schneider Electric, France.
  • All the electric components are provided by Schneider Electric, France.
  • All pneumatic components are provided by Festo, Germany.
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