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Automatic Sealing & shrinking machine


Automatic Sealing & shrinking machine 

Pack Outer specifications:

  • Shrink packaging with two holes on the sides of the parcel.
  • Can pack products without a carton tray if the product can be stable on the conveyor.

Packaging film specifications:

The machine utilizes two (upper and lower) rolls of heat sealed polyethylene.


Production capacity:

Production capacity is 300 packs per hour approx.

Standard specifications:

  • Automatic In-feed unit with a motorized conveyor to put the parcel.
  •  Pneumatic mechanism to move cutting & sealing unit with speed and time control.
  •  Heated blade for cutting & sealing with digital electronic temperature controller.
  •  Timer control for cutting & sealing time.
  •   Tunnel inlet dimensions (height x width x length): 40 x 60 x 125 cm.
  • Continuous circulation of hot air inside the tunnel via an air turbo fan, which ensures hot air uniformity within the tunnel, which guarantees the complete shrinking of all parcel sides, including bottom.
  •  4 Adjustable holes for side air control.


  • Full PLC control by Schneider Electric, France.
  • All the electric components are provided by Schneider Electric, France.
  • All pneumatic components are provided by Festo, Germany.

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