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Sugar Filling Machine, in stick shaped sachets,

5-Lines Granule Filling Machine, in stick shaped sachets, Made in Turkey,

with the following specifications:  


  1. PACKAGE TYPE: Stick pack
  2. PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: Requested (WxL): 17×100 mm. Fixed package width

Length range (mm): 30-145

  2. WEIGHT: Target: 4gr, Range: 3gr-8gr

Accuracy: +/- %3 (Depends on the product)

  1. PRODUCT: Sugar.

Note: free flowing granules.

  1. CAPACITY: Cycle per minute: 40 – 50

Total per minute: 200 – 250 packs

  1. General Specifications
    • Spare parts catalogue, mechanical dismantling drawings will be provided
    • 10 years plc & Touch panel software saving warranty
    • Manual output test and motor jogging functions
    • Reduced sharp edges/corners in mechanical design for safety and anti-bacteria
    • User friendly Touch panel pages
    • Easily accessible mark sensor adjustment
    • Package length control by mark sensor or fixed length which is adjusted from Touch panel
    • User’s manual is given with the machine
    • Machine gives a signal when reaches the number of packages is adjusted on Touch panel
    • Temperature controllers have a PID technology
    • Colors of the machine are blue and white if it’s not SS304 frame
    • Automatic film unwinder
    • Easy film roll changes with air shaft
    • Multi program save and load function
    • Better protection for heating cable connections
    • Machine informs the operator if there is an alarm condition in the machine
    • All machine parts are anodized, coated or galvanized
    • Electrical system of the machine is compatible with European safety standards CE
    • Electrical plan will be provided. Devices, cables, and connections are labeled.
    • Air and power consumption can be calculated after the project details are cleared
    • Required air quality:

– Clean, dry air according to DIN ISO 8573–1.

  • All pneumatic products will be out of warranty unless required air used
  • Uninterrupted air flow needed
  •  The customer must determine the required air quality in function of the process
  • All pneumatic products are SMC®
  • Simple and compact mechanical architecture
  • Easily accessible open frame design
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced footprint dimensions
  • Air Pressure : 6–8 bars
  • Min. temperature : 5°C
  • Max. temperature : 40°C
  • Max. humidity : 90%
  • Aluminum : 5754 & 7075
  • Stainless Steel : 304, 316L, 316T
  • Gearbox : Bonfiglioli, Nord, Apex
  • Electricity : 3P-N-PE, 380VAC 50-60Hz
  • Control Voltage : 24VDC
  • Plc / Motion control : Siemens S7
  • HMI Panel : Siemens
  • Sensors : Sick
  • Other Items : Eaton, Wago, Omron
  • Servo Motor : Siemens
  • Servo Actuators : SMC (Japan)
  • Bearings : Igus, ORS, SKF, URB, FAG, Asahi, NSK, Beco, INR

8- Granular Filler Specifications

High accuracy filler for granular products less than 10cm³ (~10gr)

  • All filling process is done by rotary pneumatic cylinder.
  • Filling range can be adjusted mechanically
  • All filling process is done indoors
  • All the parts which is in contact with the product directly are SS316L or food grade plastics
  • Long life rotary cylinder and coupling for avoid of mechanical stress
  • Auto synchronization granule filler to machine speed
  • Possible to multiply dumping via Touch panel for avoid of bridging
  • Possible to multiply dumping via Touch panel for reaching higher volumes
  • Possible to fill less than 2cm³ (~2gr) with fixed filler shafts
  • Slider table is optional for faster cleaning process
  • If the machine bought with product feeding system, level sensor runs ground feeder automatically
  • If the machine bought without product feeding system, machine has relay for “product request” signal
  • Rotary pneumatic cylinder: @40-60 dump/minute

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