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Semi-automatic Volumetric Filling machine

semi automatic Volumetric Filling-machine

Semi -Automatic   Filling & Packaging Machine for containers, with volumetric filling system, manufactured by SAB F.P.M,

With the following technical specifications:

  • Volumetric cups filling system, consisting of 4 adjustable volumetric cups, with gates.
  • Cups are specially designed according to required filling size , and have food grade wipers.
  • 50-liter stainless steel tank.
  • 4 legs with castors to facilitate movability.
  • All electric components are by Schneider Electric.
  • All machine parts in contact with product are made in stainless steel.
  • Electronic control of filling quantity.
  • Containers are put manually on machine work surface.
  • Sensor ensuring: no container, no fill.
  • Maximum filling size possible: 1000 g.
  • Machine production capacity: 25 container per minute approximately, for 1000 g.
  • Optional in-feed conveyor is available on request.

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