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Filling , Pressure ,Vacuum coffee machine

  • Semi Automatic Ground Coffee Filling Machine :
    • 150 liter hopper tank with motor driven paddle to agitate the coffee in the tank.
    • Screw feeder that automatically conveys coffee up to the filling machine tank.
    • Level sensor controls auger feeder operation to maintain adequate level of coffee within machine tank.
    • All parts in contact with coffee are made of stainless steel.
    • Electric control panel to dominate all filling operations.
    • Coffee filling is controlled by two electronic weighing indicators.
    • Weighing stand to accommodate up to four bags within the mold simultaneously.
    • Electric power requirements: 5 kW,  380 V ,  50 Hz.
  • Semi Automatic Coffee Bags Pressing & Forming Machine:
    • Two compacting molds according to the required size.
    • Each mold can accommodate four bags.
    • Sensor to check the required compactness.
    • The coffee is pressed and then filled inside the bag automatically.
    • Machine Approximate production capacity: 12 bags per minute.
    • Electric control panel to dominate all compaction and forming operations.
    • Electric power requirements: 4 kW.


  • Vaccum Packaging Machine:
    • Standard sealing bar.
    • Electronic time and temperature control.
    • Electric control panel to dominate all vacuum and sealing operations.


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