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Cement Bulk Filling Machine

Cement Filling Machine

Cement Bulk Filling Machine in Pre-made Sacks  with Double Weigher

 Package Specifications:

  • Filling weight range: 10-50 kilograms.
  • Bag dimensions: pre-made bag, with side opening (valve) according to the volume and type of product to be filled.

Standard Deviation:

  • Actual filling speed and accuracy depend on product type and characteristics, bag size, … etc.

Standard specifications:

Filling System:

  • Tank capacity: 500 liters.
  • Tank is made of painted steel.
  • Auger feeder for weighing unit.
  • Level detectors, from Schneider Electric, France.
  • Double gate to feed weighing hopper.
  • One separate weighing unit for each filling head.
  • CE marked electronic digital weight control.
  • CE marked load cell.
  • Products discharge command via external electronic command.
  • Products are discharged from the weighing unit into medium tank with auger

 Auger  specifications:

  1. Auger is fixed horizontally.
  2. Made of stainless steel.
  3. With a CE marked motor to ensure the movement of products into the bag.
  4. With a special hole for the valve bags required.

Bag feeding mechanism:

  • Bags are fed to filling nozzle manually.
  • An automatic command is issued leading a pneumatic mechanism hold the bag.
  • After discharging product into bag according to the required weight, the bag is pushed off the filling nozzle manually (a special automatic pusher is available on request).


  • All electric components are Schneider Electric SA (France).
  • All pneumatic valves are Festo AG (Germany).
  • Control panel incorporates:
  • Main control switches for power, emergency stop, and conveyor.
  • Advanced Industrial PLC which controls all machine functions, by Schneider Electric SA (France).

Paint and finishing:

  • White colored, thick, and hard thermal paint, to protect machine frame against rust, moisture and scratching.

Operating Conditions:

  • Electrical supply: 380 VAC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.
  • Compressed air supply: 2 m3, at 8 bar.
  • Temperature range: 10-40 C.

Machine Production capacity:

  1. 6 bags per minute approximately, for each machine, based on 25 k.g. bags,
  2. provided that the product is dry & has no tendency to agglomerate.


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