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Sealing Machines With Shrink Tunnels


L-Sealer with a Shrinking Tunnel, model Italian made, in cooperation with SAB FPM Filling & Packaging Machines, according to the following specifications:


  • Capable to utilize PVC – PP – PE – Thickness 11 / 40 my Adjustable film reel un-winder according to the products size. Needle device for film continuous perforator.
  • Film inner core 3” – Ext. Diam. 300 mm. – Width 600 mm.
  • Adjustable level surface according to the products sizes.
  • Sealing bar dimensions 550 x 420 mm. Product height 200 mm. Electro-mechanical counter-sealing bar with safety patented system.
  • Constant temperature cooling system of the bars for not effecting bars form and film transparency during unwinding. Time-adjustable run motorized evacuation belt.
  • Adjustable evacuation belt height for sealing line adjustment.
  • Adjustable sealing/opening time according to the film thickness and type.
  • Manual/Automatic selector. 10 Memorized Parameters Settings (Menu) on Specific Products Electronic packages counter.
  • Easy extract able build control panel. Easy shrinking tunnel (GT40) connections. Casters standard fitted.
  • Accessories
  • Motorized waste re-winder, included.


  • Easy L-Sealer (GS55/A) connections.
  • Variable speed rubber rods conveyor.
  •  Rubber rods rotation to not affect packaging while shrinking.
  •  Powered and ventilated chamber (capable for PE shrinkage). 950 mm.
  •  Chamber length insulated by mineral wool;  Heated by armored Resistance with opening passage 400 x 220 (height). Forced ventilation air recycling. External tunnel chamber air flow adjustment
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