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Powder Filling Machine by screw systems


Powder Filling Machine by screw systems in plastic or glass containers.

Manufactured by SAB FPM filling and packaging machines., in cooperation with Schneider Electric France, and Festo, Germany.

Machine Overview:

  • The machine was designed after thorough studies made by a team of technical specialists to ensure all the measures required for the safety and protection of operation and personnel.
  • Machine design facilitates maintenance and service. Operation does not need special know-how.
  • Machine undergoes actual quality tests on buyer’s products before delivery.
  • Clients’ feedbacks were taken into consideration so the machine became highly versatile in meeting clients’ requirements and enjoy higher quality and performance.
  • All machine parts are fabricated on programmable CNC machining centers, and undergoes quality control tests which gives them high reliability.

Machine specifications:

  • Product is fed to machine via a stainless steel screw feeder which  is designed according to product type and filling quantity.
  • Electronic control of filling volume.
  • Two filling heads.
  • Pneumatic arrangement to ensure that the entrance of the filling nozzle inside containers.
  • Screw is fed from a tank with the following specifications:
    • Made of 304 stainless steel.
    • With a special arrangement that moves product to ensure uniform feed.
    • 50-liter capacity.
    • Geared motor by Schneider Electric France.
    • With adjustable feet which allows the height adjustment of the filling heads.
  • Filling size range:  100 g to 1000 g.
  • Filling accuracy depends on the type and density of the product.
  • Conveyor with the following specifications:
    • Made of 304 stainless steel.
    • Motion speed control via a variable speed motor from Schneider Electric, France.
    • Guides to ensure the stability of containers during movement.
    • Sensors to ensure the stop of containers right underneath the filling head and at closing station.
  • All pneumatic valves are from FESTO, Germany
  • Central control panel.
  • All electric components are from Schneider Electric, France.


Machine production capacity:

Machine productivity is: 15  containers per minute.


Advanced Industrial  PLC  which controls all machine functions, including filling, packaging, by Schneider Electric SA (France).

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